your home and away

The Kingswood 37 x 12

Welcome to a brand new leisure experience -
the Kingswood from Kingston Holiday Homes; brought to life by a team of leisure home specialists, the dream escape comes built with a host of benefits and fantastic features. Working up from a groundbreaking design the Kingswood has a unique bay feature window to frame its elegant dining area. The kitchen is roomy and replete with the finest storage facilities, meanwhile the three sizeable bedrooms are served by a functional bathroom. And, that’s just the basics.

Home and Away

The designers brief for the Kingswood was to utilise the same standard of material as one would find in a traditional house, hence the domestic quality upvc double glazed units blending soundproofing with added security. Kitchen units too, are of the same high standard as a fully functional kitchen at home with well-built cupboards, fittings and attractive doors. Adding a master feature to the living room is a specially commissioned fireplace, designed and built to impress and create a warmth unique to leisure home lifestyle. Comfortable furniture is of a high quality and invites a lengthy stay.

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